Saturday, August 24, 2013


Dear Son,

I spend 5 days a week working,  allot of my energy is taken during those days, there are lots of people who suck energy from you, and also people who restore your energy, unfortunately, in this business, I can not pick and choose my clients.

On my two days off I work very hard to restore the energy taken

Just so you know, if I had my way I would spend everyday with people who would love, restore and energize my sprite

Love Mom

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Lance,

I have had a hard few months, and now coming out of dark into a lighter spot!  Thank God...Cancer is everywhere I look, my friend has breast cancer, Will's best friend has Melanoma and is now going through chemo.  I experienced a deep depression that I had a hard time coming out of.  Flash backs of Rusty's last year - so much grief.  I felt so completely helpless for my friends, who are suffering through their Cancer journey.  Then I had the idea to make a "comfort basket"  for Will's friend with Melanoma and guess what?  I immediately started to feel better, it is so true THE BEST WAY TO GET OUT OF SELF IS TO BE OF SERVICE TO SOMEONE ELSE!  Now I am gathering comfort items and I will make some baskets to take to Loma Linda where Rusty did his chemo - Into Action! It feels so good.   I put chap-stick, cooling pads for headache, gator aid to keep hydrated, lotion for the dry skin, lemon drops for the sour taste in your mouth, energy bars for the long hours you wait, - still working on comfort ideas...Then I found a wonderful pinwheel on Pinterest (the cyber world) which gave me an idea.  I have tons of wire and beads in the store from my "before Rusty died" life so I am going to make funky bead and wire trees for the garden that will spin and catch light, Will is helping to figure out the stake part to insert into the ground,  and I can  sell them - sending all proceeds to Cancer research.  All in my mind still - I will send you a picture of the first one!  Here is the fabulous part, I am not helpless!  There is plenty I can do and can feel excitement coming back to me....What a miracle!   I love you son