Saturday, July 7, 2012

Take out the Trash!

Dear Son,

One of my most valuable lessons!

You know how living on the Ranch, we had NO City Trash pick up? Well that was a huge problem for me. Rusty and I would fight about it all of the time. Get rid of that trash! Once every two months or so, if we were lucky, Rusty would put that crazy wood box, and it would be completely over full spilling out everywhere, the dogs usually found some too by now! I would get so mad over that trash...

In one of my counselling sessions I was ranting and raving about this trash and how Rusty was making me miserable with all of this trash! Nancy, my councilor, just listened and nodded, when I finished my rant she asked me, "how come you don't take care of the trash?" I sat in stunned silence, it had never occurred to me to just handle it. That night when Rusty came home, I told him I was going to order trash service if the trash could not be taken every three weeks. He was mad! Rusty did not like to spend money on such frivolous things when he could do it himself, I did not respond to him, did not argue about it, and would you believe, the very next day that trash was gone? The trash was faithfully taken away from then on until Rusty got so sick and I ordered trash service....

We always have choices, and we do not have to settle....

Love you forever

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  1. I loved this, I use to fight with my boys about taking out the trash. That was the only thing I asked them to do once a week. They fought with me about this one task that I asked them to do. I can fully relate to this....Aman