Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011 Dear Son,

I am thinking today about when  I first came into recovery and how little I knew,  I knew nothing of self love and I really believed that "YOU" could help me and make me happy. I put the responsibility of my happiness and well being onto everyone and every thing else...Wow! Did I have that wrong...

Drinking could make me happy
Drugs could make me happy
Sex could make me happy 
Food could make me happy
Cigarettes could make me happy
Relationship could make me happy
Drama could make me happy
Being thin could make me happy 

It took me many years to understand - I can't change you I can only change me; That there is not enough of any of the above to make me happy; That I had to look in to heal, not out; That there is a God who loves me; That I needed to Pack my own chute, meaning - I had to take responsibility for my life!  Stop Blaming, and start loving....


This was a huge lesson for me I am passing this on to you 

Love Mom

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