Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011 Dear Son

I am planning a visit to see you, I am scared to see you behind the glass,  It so surreal to have your son in Prison. I knew someday you would be dead or in an institution and for sure I would rather you be alive!  I just never thought you would be gone for so long, missing so much... I remember when you once called from a pay phone back East you had no shoes and no coat you were freezing - it was winter and snowing!  You were  asking for a bus ticket back to LA...I was sobbing on the phone with the lady who was trying to help me get you a ticket.  That wonderful lady did help me and you were able to get back to LA. 

To say my son is in Prison is so shameful  - I hat to admit it, but it is the truth, and are we not, seeking to be honest and open?  I think of the other mothers with their sons or daughters in prison I wonder how they feel, do they feel guilty?  

I love you because you are mine, I love you because you are beautiful, I love you because you have an enormous heart!

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