Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 Dear Son

Your cousin, Hannah is graduating from NAU!  She will be the first one of us to graduate from a University! Mom and I are leaving in the morning - driving to Flagstaff to be there for her walk...What a miracle it is and how proud I am of her.

When your Uncle Micheal died, leaving a young widow and three small children, not to mention the hardship and grief that comes with losing someone so tragically, who would have guessed that the young,  brown eyed two year old would turn out so beautiful and talented?  Her art work is astounding!  She has worked so hard studying and working to help pay for college...

Your Aunt Wendy, a beautiful woman with unbelievable True Grit!  Raising three kids like a pro, working full time, staying single and focused on the kids!   Thank God for her mom, whom I will always be grateful for, who - throughout the years, off and on would stay with them and help!   
So in this you will see...
 Hard work really does pay off
 Pay now or pay later with your kids
Family is a Strong word
 That children who lose parents at a young age can Thrive!

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  1. blessings and congratulations to hannah...michael has her under his wing...and blessings to wendy for her dedication and spirit. traveling mercies and joy to you and your mom. (and i am certain your son is noticing this goodness that exists in his family and belongs to him too...) -xok.