Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Son, February 7, 2012

Lance, my heart is breaking, they are taking Kennedy and moving to Las Vegas,  the selfish part of me wants to rant and rave and say NO!  Don't Go!.....The rational part of me sees that - this is their journey not mine!  I see the housing opportunities, the good job, and that Jennifer will be able to stay at home and go to school! What a Miracle....They look so good, they look so ready, letting Go is so hard - but a must in this life... 
So now - I must change and open to a new direction a new adventure - a new schedule to visit my Grandson in Las Vegas, and now I am seeing the excitement, the summer visits with Grandma to the Cabin, on the Ranch...This is doable - this is ok - I see my heart now, not breaking, expanding and opening!
Lance, I love you, I love the gift you have given me in Kennedy 

Love Mom

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