Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Son, January 21, 2011

Dear Lance,

Please try not to live in Self Pity
 It will take you down
 You will get out and the world will be waiting!
Remember, everyone you meet has a story
Has been down a rutted road 
 This is your chance to reach out and help others
It does not matter if you are in prison, a palace, the desert
 Across the country or next door
The best remedy I know to get out of self is to be of service

I have been pushed and shoved
I have been beaten
I have been molested
I have been ignored
I have been a teenager pregnant 
I have been poor
I have used food stamps
I have been screamed at 
I have lived with violence
I have had my face pushed in pavement
I have lost a brother to suicide 
I have been addicted and drunk
I have been lost 
I have known self pity
I have known depression 
I have seen cancer ravage a body
I have been widowed 
I have grieved 
The good news...
 I am clean and sober
I am free from bondage
I have tools to help me 
I am of service every day
I Am Free!
To Be Me
Lance I love you so much!

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