Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Lance, "That's My Grandma"!

Jen sent me this photo, he driving around with box on his head....

Wow!  The last three weeks have been Crazy, we have finally finished moving Mom from Oak Glen to Redlands, it was a hard move to make, very emotional for her - Thank God the leasing market is doing so well we were able to find a wonderful couple with two kids to lease to.  I know she will be much happier in Redlands even though so beautiful there - so much upkeep.  The economy continues to kick our butts although we are fighting back and working harder than ever before to survive it.

Kennedy came last Monday for a quick visit, I added more videos to YouTube!  He is so funny!  He is talking up a storm, learning to unlock doors, and the go go go....

My favorite part of the day - Kennedy is standing at the front door - opening and closing, he looks up and says very loud "Thats My Grandma!" pointing to me  My heart is full - I love that boy...

We are planning our visit to you - in April - looking forward to the visit

I love you Lance

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