Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Lance,

I am so excited!  Only two more weeks until our visit with you....So much to be grateful for!  We continue to stay afloat in the business, We are working WAY too hard with not much "down" time, so this visit is much anticipated!!!  Thank you so much for the Mothers Day Card - very beautiful .
I was thinking this morning how hard it must be for you to stay happy and motivated in there, it is so depressing even the color GREY... I love sending you color...For many years I struggled with "finding happiness"  One of my secrets is to always have something to look forward to...It may seem silly but it works..For instance, during the week, especially when things get really hectic and stressful I look forward to having a Mint Mentos, they come in many flavors but mint is my favorite, it is really strong so the first taste takes me immediately away from the stress of the day and it will last until I get home!   I also have, my morning meditation, yoga during the week, coffee and a good book on Sunday morning, pulling weeds! (I know most people do not like pulling weeds, I love it.)  For the long months I have the Cabin and visiting you , and I usually spend a weekend every two months with Tami and Dianna, girl time.  I have learned to take care of me, no one else will take as good care of me, as me.  So in this I was thinking of ways to help you look forward ...
I love sending you this blog with color, light, truth, heart and soul, I love sending you pictures of Kennedy dressed in bright colors.  I love being able to order the foods and snacks you like, or the extra bit of money now and then to make it more comfortable for you.  There is so much to be grateful for and the future is bright!
I love you Lance, can't wait for our visit....

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