Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Son, August 22, 2011

I was up early this morning and noticing that the season is already changing
Before long Autumn will be here...

It occurred to me that I have not noticed the seasons changing in quite some time, about the time Rusty started chemo is about the time that my road seemed full of ruts, had big potholes with dark curtains on either side...Survival I'm sure it's called!  All of energy to see outside my grief and the "cancer journey"  was zapped from me...For the past several years birthdays, holidays,  and the changes of seasons were, for me, just another day to get through..

Yesterday in the store I noticed Autumn things going up, pumpkins, scarecrows, orange leaves, and I looked, really looked and felt a jolt of happiness...I feel like I may even be able to decorate a Christmas Tree this year, I have not had one up since Rusty died, and as you know I raise Christmas Trees....

What I am saying is things change, they really do!

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