Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Son, January 25, 2011

After my mom picked us up we stayed with her for awhile, but naturally the hole in my heart needed to be filled so off we went with another boyfriend.  I truly regret dragging you with me from relationship to relationship, little did I know that I was bruising your young heart.  Fortunately for us the one long relationship I did have was with a good man who really loved you - That is, until the drugs and alcohol took over!  I am an alcoholic and a drug addict, of course, at the time I did not know this truth.  So many things I can see so clearly now - You were labeled hyper active, ADHD, you were given medicine for it...  You only new one way to act - the way I showed you - loud and demanding!  You only wanted to be loved You were asking the only way you know how!   You needed to belong - we all need to belong and if we do not feel loved at home we will go find other family to love us, for you it was the "wrong" crowd in school.

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