Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 Dear Son,

My son, my beautiful son,
You were born on November 29th 1981, wow how time flies by! Big brown eyes, crooked smile...I was 19 years old, thought I knew it all-I knew nothing!  I met your dad at a concert, a Journey concert, he was gorgeous, tall, dark, and handsome.  I went home with him - me wild and broken as my own childhood full of robbers in the night, (for another blog)  I graduated from High School 3 months pregnant with you.  Always trying to fix the hole in my heart in all the wrong ways, I now know it was survival.  I loved you!  That's what I want you to know, I carried you for nine months, I had no idea what I was in for or how much your life changes with a child.  Your dad and I had a very stormy relationship neither of us ready for such a responsibility!  We got married, we got jobs, we tried, we fought, we were selfish, we did not put you first.  I know now that the children must come first! Your dad left for milk and cigarettes and did not come back, after a week a called my mom and asked for help.

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