Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011 Dear Son

Well, like any drug and alcholic households we were typically disfunctional, we were on Wellfare, had foodstamps, cigeretts everywhere, drinking, parties, inappropriate babysitters, yelling and sometimes hitting. I did not know much about consistency, family values, or that teaching by example is the number one way kids learn and my example not so good! - this is not to say there wasn't some good because there was. We had fun, went fishing, camping, swimming, you had friends you played with. Who new kids should be in before 10:00 pm! I had plenty of anger and depression! We even had one of our apartments burn down when you about 4 years old, someone left a cigerette burning on a desk before we went camping - came home and everything we had was burnt or damaged. It did not ocurre to me then that maybe alcohol and drugs were to blame, oh no I blamed the world, I was an expert Victim, you learned your role from a pro. This was our life until you were about 7 and I found recovery, it took awhile but things did change and our life started to turn around, it just always seemed I was a penny short when it came to you. I am tired now and going to sleep more tomorrow. Good night son, Love mom

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