Saturday, March 26, 2011

In memory of Rusty’s birthday

Click link for one of Rusty's favorite songs!

We learned to celebrate birthday’s together, one my favorite traditions!  We would take the whole day off, usually waking whenever, jumping into whatever clothes were hanging around and hitting a big breakfast, a meal so rich and fool of calories we would be drowsy before paying the tip, then back home for a nap or a little afternoon delight.  Then out again to explore the day maybe for a long drive in the mountains, or on occasion a trip to Costco, always a quick trip through Ontario Mills Mall to our favorite mineral shop for a gift - we would find the most interesting assortment of trinkets, after browsing we would pick out something, one year a piece of crystal, another year a Didgeridoo from Australia, another year a wood carving, I absolutely loved those trips!  Usually ending the day with a large wonderful steak, Rusty loved the Claim Jumper with family and friends…
I can see his smile now…So tonight we will celebrate with the boys at the Claim Jumper and I might just have a huge Steak!
Happy Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday to Rusty... i hope the sweetest memories visited with you throughout your day as you celebrated his influence and love. I am grateful to have known him, and to see have seen the two of your together. much love, xok.

  2. Rusty left us all with such wonderful memories. Thinking of him and his wonderful grin always brings joy to the moment. You both are excellent reminders of what is truly important in our lives. Thank you for sharing your memories and the birthday celebration with us.