Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011 Dear Son,

Continuing our story - We moved up to the South Side!  Off of welfare with a job we could now afford a better place to live, a car, and insurance – well - a whole new life!  At this point you are in first grade, you have had allot of testing…I will say now that at that time I did not get the whole picture – denial had a huge part – and looking at yourself that closely is very painful - it has taken many years for me to see the whole picture…So you were put on medication for ADHD, you acted out allot – I know now that what you really needed was attention!  Parenting is extremely hard work you have to be 180 % on it!  Listing, hugging, playing, reading, teaching, I had so much to learn and I was probably only giving about 60%....That being said I would like to say  that I do give myself much credit for getting out and getting help, not everyone does….Again where you were concerned I seemed to always be a penny short…So you and I were settling in to a good routine of working, school, day care, meetings (which I took you to), parenting classes, counseling and in general clean living.  Then out of nowhere I meet Rusty, it took him a year to ask me out, I would see him at least once or twice a week at the office and we would talk and talk.  When I met Rusty I was healthier than I had ever been.  Rusty and I started to date and one thing led to another and he asked me to marry him!  I must stop here – as this story always makes me cry – I love you son and I pray for you every day…

Love mom

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